1. 1.    Specialisation


Cross-cultural communication

Organisational development (OD)

Philosophy of science

Sociological  Research

Translation and Interpretation



  1. 2.    Name and address


Ragnar Hertzberg Næss

Sagveien 10

0459 Oslo



3.Date of birth






Degree:, (Phd) University of Oslo, in  Philosophy

majors: Latin




Curriculum of 6 years. University of Oslo 1969.


5.Other training.


Degree: Researcher II (førsteamanuensiskompetanse)

Work Research Institute 1981


  1. 6.      Languages and degree of proficiency


                        speaking                     reading                        writing


English                        excellent                     excellent          excellent

German                       good                           good                good

French                         good                           fair                  fair

Spanish                       good                           fair                  fair

Italian                         good                           fair                  fair

Russian                       excellent                     good                good

Turkish                        good                           good                good


Norwegian, mother tongue, also covers Danish and Swedish




7.Membership of professional societies



8.Countries of work experience


Norway, Sweden, Turkey, Bosnia, Russia, Kyrgyztan.



  1. 9.      Employment Record.

 2001-2016: Youth Peer Projects in St.Petersburg, Arkhangelsk and Murmansk, Russia. The program "Task Force on Communicative Diseases Control in the Baltic, projects administered by the Norwegian Ministry for Health and Care Services. For the individual projects, see below.

2014- : Translation from latin to Norwegian of B. de Spinoza: "Tractatus theologico-politicus" and "Tractatus politicus" with introductory essay and essay on the translation. Commissioned by the Norwegian publishing house Vidarforlaget. (Under publication)

 2008-2017: Lecturer on the question of the genocide against the Armenians, lecture series on genocide and related issues, responsible: prof. Bernt Hagtvet, Institute of Political Science, University of Oslo.



2007-2012: Project: Yrkesmessig rehabilitering av somaliere i Khat-brukermiljøet i Oslo.(Vocational rehabilitation of Somali refugees in the khat user environment in Oslo). Financing: Rusmiddeletaten, IMDI, Oslo Kommune samt Helsedirektoratet.


2011: “Stakeholder conference for strengthening of early intervention in prevention of HIV, STI, alcohol and narcotics in Petrozavodsk, Russia. Sponsored by The Barents Secretariat.


2010: “A wound not healed. On the ongoing conflict between Armenians and Turks. Conference sponsored by prof. Knut Kjeldstadli, Institute for Conservation, Archeology and History, University of Oslo and by the Atlantic Committee (Atlanterhavskommiteen), Norway


2008-2010: “Youth Peer Education in Arkhangelsk related to HIV,STI and Communication skills”. Project financed by the Cooperation Programme for Health and Related Social Issues,Norwegian department of Health and Care Services, project no. B808. 



2008: Youth  peer education in the youth prison at Kolpino, city of St.Petersburg. Project financed by the Cooperation Programme for Health and Related Social Issues,Norwegian department of Health and Care Services, project no. B616. 


2008: Workshop for Armenian, Turkish and other researchers on the topic of the fate of the Ottoman Armenians in 1915-16. The workshop was financed by “Fritt Ord”, The Freedom of Expression Foundation, Oslo.


2007-2008: Youth Peer Education in schools in Arkhangelsk related to communication skills, civil society, and the prevention of abuse of alcohol, drugs and tobacco. Norwegian department of Health and Care Services, project no. B734. 



2007-2008: Youth Peer Education for youths related to life style, HIV,STI and narcomania in Murmansk. Project financed by the Cooperation Programme for Health and Related Social Issues,Norwegian department of Health and Care Services, project no. B710 


2007-2008: “Leksehjelp for barn med somalisk bakgrunn” (help school children with Somali background with homework). Finansiert av Utdannelsesdirektoratet. Financed by the directorate of education, Norway


2009-2011: “Trip to Norway for youth peer initiative group. Sponsor: The Norwegian Barents Secretariat. Project number 2009/00334


2009-2012: “Face to face with the problem”. On cooperation between agencies in cities in Arkhangelsk region on youth peer education related to dialogue skills and the prevention on  HIV, STI, alcohol and narcomania. Project financed by the Cooperation Programme for Health and Related Social Issues,Norwegian department of Health and Care Services, project no. B1002.


2006-2008: Support to self help groups for hiv+ in St.Petersburg. Developmental project commissioned by the Norwegian Association against aids (HivNorge) and financed by the Norwegian Ministry of Health. Reference person: Laila Stang, HivNorge


2004-2005: "Children returned.Children of asylum seeker families returned from Europe to Bosnia and Turkey. Project commissioned by Save The Children Norway and financed by the fund "Helse og Rehabilitering" (Health and rehabilitation).


2003-2005: Creation of a forum for self-help organizations for HIV+ in St.Petersburg. Project commissioned by the Task Force on Communicable Disease Control in the Baltic Sea Region. Project no. 404 , HIV/STI projects,


2003-2008: Youth Peer Education for male prison inmates related to life style, HIV,STI and narcomania in St.Petersburg. Project commissioned by the Task Force on Communicable Disease Control in the Baltic Sea Region. Project no. 364 , HIV/STI projects,


2001-2004: Youth Peer Education related to life style, HIV,STI and narcomania. Project commissioned by the Task Force on Communicable Disease Control in the Baltic Sea Region. Project no. 62 and 398 , HIV/STI projects,


2003. Lecturer on the integration of immigrants in working life, Diakonhjemmets Sosialhøgskole


2003: Lecture on integration of immigrants in working life, Psycho-social team for refugees, University of Oslo


2002-: Various lectures on integration, discrimination, immigrants in working life for SEFIA, Høgskolen i Oslo


2002-2004: Course for St.Petersburg trade unionists affiliated to the trade union "Yedineniye", Federation of Trade Unions, St.Petersburg. Project financed by the Norwegian Department of Foreign Affairs


2003: Examiner for Master of Philosophy Degree in International Community Health.

Ursula-Georgine Goth: Self-perceived working situation for immigrants and refugees working in Norway during the  integration process.   University of Oslo


2003: Examiner for  Master in Philosophy Degree in Philosophy (Hovedfag i filosofi).

Espen Gamlund: Hvem har moralsk status i naturen ? Et mulig biosentrisk og økosentrisk svar i lys av Spinozas Etikk (Who has moral status in nature? A possible biocentric and ecocentric answer in the light of Spinoza's Ethics)


2003: Evaluation of  jobseeking courses for immigrants, commissioned by the Aliens Office (Utlendingsdirektoratet). With Øyvind Jaer


2002: "Baruch de Spinoza: Ethics", translation into Norwegian with an introduction. Publishing houses "Pax Forlag" and "Bokklubbens Kulturbibliotek".


2002: "Hegel" in A. Næss: Filosofiens Historie Universitetsforlaget


2002 - 2004 : Integration of refugees in Norwegian working life (work practice - praksisplasser) together with Kjell Ribert. Utlendingsdirektoratet


2001 - 2002: Psycho-social work environment and communication for immigrants employed in hotels. Project financed by the Norwegian Employers' Work Environment Fund and commissioned by the Scandic chain of hotels


2000-2001: Immigrants in cleaning work. Developmental project in cleaning businesses in Oslo. Financed by the Norwegian Employers' Work Environment Fund and commissioned by the Association of Travel Firms (Reiselivsbedriftenes landsforening)


1992-  the Program “Democratization of Russian Working Life”, see details below.


1998, 1999, 2000, 2001 – Lectures on discrimination, racism and crosscultural relations, Centre for Multicultural and International Studies, Postgraduate School of Oslo (Høyskolen i Oslo).


2001-: Language skills for human rights defenders, OD on English courses and communicational training for human rights organizations in Turkey, commissioned by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


1994 -2001: Work in the Pertinax Group, a consultant firm established together with the organisational psychologist Einar C. Salvesen. The Pertinax Group has been responsible for projects in Russia and in Norway.  From 2001 and onwards, work also organised in "Development Support" (Salvesen, Jaer, Alnaes, Ribert, Næss).


2000-2001: Research on the use of head scarf and other cultural and religious needs of immigrants, commissioned by the municipality of Oslo and the Directorate of Immigration (UDI)


2000-2002: “Communication, work environment and prospects for the future”, OD commissioned by the Fund for Work Environment, Norwegian Association of Employers (NHO), in collaboration with the Scandic Hotels, Norway


1997-8: “OD in cross-cultural enterprises”,

Research commissioned by the Norwegian Department of Labour and Communal Affairs.


1997-8: “OD at UllevålHospital: cross-cultural communication and work-related language training” OD commissioned by UllevålHospital and the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration.  (UDI).


1997-2000: “Immigrants in cleaning work”. OD in cleaning businesses and hotels, commissioned by the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration.  (UDI).


1997: Teaching 1st year students logic and philosophy of science, University of Oslo.


1997: Reader for research and OD project on self-help groups,  Post-graduate course, school of Social Work, Oslo


1997: Lecture on threepartite work for representatives of management and workers of firm AKRON, Novgorod, Russia, Norwegian Association of Chemical Workers (NKIF)


1997: “Immigrants in  UllevålHospital”, research commissioned by Directorate of Immigration.  (UDI).


1996: Lectures and  communicational facilitation, the project “Democracy, human rights and peaceful conflict resolution”, The Nansen School, Lillehammer


1994-5: Cross-cultural communication in old age homes,  Research and OD commissioned by the Municipality of Oslo


1993-4: “Organizational and social aspects of Accident Prevention”, manual commissioned by Workers’ Educational Association in Norway (AOF). 


1994-8: Evaluation of project “management in a cross-cultural environment. Fishing industry in Vardø, Norway”, evaluation commissioned by the Association of Fishing Industry, Norwegian Association of Employers.


1996: Conflict solution in high school, commissioned by the School Board of the municipality of Asker, Norway.


1991: study tour in 1991 to Bologna, Emilia Romana on small businesses and network between businesses, commissioned by the Norwegian Associations of Employers, (participator in and interpreter for Norwegian delegation).


1973-93: Work as researcher in the Work Research Institute, Oslo: cross-cultural studies, lecturing and research on psycho-social work environment, management, educational and training programs in working life, professional rehabilitation, accident prevention, industrial networking, project management. Leader of the group on research on State and municipal sector (1988-92). Extensive lecturing on the above themes and on male studies, equalization between the sexes in the enterprise, racism and philosophy of science.


1972: Research Fellow, Institute of Philosophy, Oslo


1965-73: Teaching logic and history of Philosopy at the University of Oslo


1966-98: Teaching Norwegian to Americans, teaching Latin, Russian and Turkish.


  1. 2.    Other issues of relevance.


a.Organisational development programmes in Russia.


The programme “Democratization in Russian Working life” was initiated as a joint venture between Center for Working Life, Stockholm, the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, Bonn and the Work Research Institute, Oslo. Since 1994 the program has been run by the Pertinax Group.


The focus has been on teambuilding and supervision of a group of  Russian consultants, combined with collaboration and follow-up in the field work with firms and institutions.


The programme has covered development work in some 35 firms, ranging from former state combinates to newly formed private businesses.


We have conducted  several seminars, workshops and lectures in academic forums as a part of the programme.


The Pertinax Group has access to a reliable group of Russian consultants, and has a wide net of contacts with trade unions, employers Associations, The University of  St.Petersburg and the Academy of Sciences, Russia.


  1. b.    Amnesty International in Norway: Coordinator on Turkey 1992-2001


  The Coordinator is AI’s main expert on a country or region, in this case  Turkey.


c. Experience as interpreter.


I have done interpretation English-Norwegian, Turkish-Norwegian, Spanish-Norwegian, Russian-Norwegian and Russian-English, Italian-Norwegian


  1. d.    Experience as Leader of Trade Union.


In the years 1985- 91, I was the leader of the Association of State Employees (Norsk Tjenestemannslag) section 44, Work Research Institute. I represented researchers (Work research institute and Institutes on Industrial Hygiene and Physiology of Work), laboratory personnel, and mercantile staff.  In this capacity I negotiated agreements, participated in conflict solution and served as employees’ representative in Organizational Development.


  1. e.   Publications.

35 publications in Norwegian and English, the majority are scientific publications. Some publications are listed below



Ragnar Hertzberg Næss





Næss, R. (2015). A Genocidal Era and its Aftermath. Notes on the Question of the Armenian Genocide. Gomidas

Næss, R. (2008): Den sære smaken av virkelighet. En naiv nordmanns møte med tyrkere i Tyrkia og Norge. Pertinax (privat publisering)

 Næss, R.(2004): Etterundersøkelse  av deltakere i jobbsøkerprogram 1999-2000 ved aetat intro (IFF) for personer med minoritetsbakgerunn. Pertinax

 Næss,R. (2001) Baruch de Spinoza: Etikk. Oversettelse og innledning ved Ragnar Hertzberg Næss. Pax

Næss, R.(2001): Minoriteters kulturelle og religiøse behov på arbeidsplassen. Om bruk av hodeplagg, bønn i arbeidstiden, hjemreiser, egne klær, egen mat, fri på nasjonale og religiøse helligdager, og fri for deltakelse i religiøse aktiviteter. Pertinax


Næss, R.(2000): Prosjekt “innvandrere i renholdsarbeid”. Sluttrapport. Utvidetr versjon. Pertinax


Næss, R.(1999): Potensielle jobbskiftere. Intervjuer av renholdere med innvandrerbakgrunn. Pertinax


Næss, R.(1999): “Flerkulturelle Ullevål. Kommunikasjonstrening og arbeidsnorsk». Pertinax


Næss, R.(1998):Hvor viktig er det å beherske norsk i arbeidslivet. i Ribert, K og Ellen Røst: Arbeidsnorsk. Almater.


Næss, R. (1998): Ledelse av flerkulturelt arbeidsmiljø. Evaluering av et prosjekt i fiskeindustrien


Næss, R og Kjell Ribert (1997): Arbeidsrettet norsk. Pertinax


Næss, R.(1997): Innvandrere som ledere og ansatte på alders- og sykehjem. Oslo Kommune. Bydel Grünerløkka-Sofienberg


Næss, R.(1997): Flerkulturelle Ullevål. 67 nasjonaliteter på en arbeidsplass. Pertinax og Oslo Kommune, Ullevål Sykehus.


Næss, R. (1997) “Ren og hvit eller Saddam Husein? Diskriminering av innvandrere med innvandrerbakgrunn, i i Brox (ed): “De liker oss ikke”. Tano Aschehoug.


Næss, R. med Ribert, K. og Salvesen, E. (1997):Likeverd og kommunikasjon på flerkultuirelle arbeidsplasser. En “kokebok” for arbeidsgivere, tillitsvalgte og arbeidsledere. Pertinax


Næss, R.(1995): Menneskelig svikt. Ulykkesforebyggende arbeid. AOF


Næss, R. (1995): “Fremmedspråklige ansatte i renholdsbransjen”, Stiftelsen “Ren Utvikling” og Pertinax


Næss,R.(1995): Innvandrere på norske arbeidsplasser. AFI


Næss, R.(1995):Kurdere, solidaritet og orientalisme. Materialisten 1-95


Næss,R. (1993): Arbeidsplassen som forum for læring. Utlendingsdirektoratet


Næss, R.(1993): Språk og arbeid. Arbeidsforskningsinstituttet


Næss, R (1993): Organization developlment project in S.Petersburg in 1991-93. The various shapes of action., in Kauppinen and Lahtonen (eds): National Action research programmes in 1990’s. Active society with Action Research Conference 25-27 August, 1993, Helsinki, Finland. Labour Policy studies 86



Næss, R.(1990): Kopling av norskopplæring og arbeidsmarkedstiltak. AFI


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Næss, R.(1989) sammen med Araldsen, H. og Maira, G: Det norske flyktningemottaket 1982-88. Kommunenes Sentralforbund



Næss, R.(1989):Sekterisme og moralisme. Invandrare & Minoriteter. Scandinavian Moigration and Ethnic Minority Review


Næss, R.(1989): Flyktninger som ressurs. Kommunenes sentralforbund. Rapport nr. R-5/89


Næss, R.(1988): Med fotfeste i Norge. Om “Introduksjonsprogram for fremmedspråklige". Arbeidsforskningsinstituttet.


Næss, R.(1988): “Being an Alevi Muslim in South-West Anatolia, in Gerholm and Lithman (eds): The Islamic Presence in Western Europe. Mansell



Næss, R. (1986): Institusjonell rasisme i Norge. AFI. Notat 37/86



Næss, R.(1982): Collaboration Research: Action Research in collaboration wuith the Turkish Workers Union, in Guha, Næss and Ananthakrishnan (eds): “Institute for Alternative Development Research, Oslo Norway


Næss, R.(1976): 68 organiserte utlendinger i Hotell- og Restaurantnæringen. AFI 1976


Næss, R  med Aksnes, (1975): Styre og bedriftsforsamling. Arbeidsrapport nr. 2. Intervjuer med NALF-organiseretes representanter